City and Hackney health and wellbeing profile

The City and Hackney health and wellbeing profile (joint strategic needs assessment - JSNA) provides a detailed description of the health and wellbeing needs of the local population. It provides a 'big picture' of local needs, ranging from the social and environmental conditions which shape health and wellbeing through to the specific illnesses and conditions from which local people suffer. 

New approach to the JSNA

A series of consultation events were held with stakeholders in spring/summer 2014 to help develop the new approach to the JSNA. The plan is to move away from publishing a single annual report to providing regular updates through a dedicated website. The aim is to provide more timely access to the evidence, as well as the flexibility to enable users to access the information they want as and when they need it, in a range of different formats. 

Stakeholder challenge group

The stakeholder challenge group has been set up to build on the success of these consultation events and ensure continued stakeholder involvement in the focus and direction of the JSNA. The challenge group will help to ensure that the JSNA reflects the diversity and depth of the local population and incorporates a rich mix of local intelligence from the communities of Hackney and the City.

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Health and wellbeing profile - update 2016

Society and environment

Children and young people 

Lifestyle and behaviour 

Mental Health and Substance Misuse

Ward health and wellbeing profiles - update 2016

These profiles describe the health and wellbeing of residents of Hackney by electoral ward, in the context of the wider population, including information concerning important other factors such as age, ethnicity, deprivation and population change.

Where possible, more detailed data for smaller areas (lower super output areas) is shown. Please note that the maps do not show confidence intervals and the geographical variation shown is therefore not necessarily statistically significant.

Health and wellbeing profile - update 2014

The City Supplement pulls together all the data that are available and disaggregated specific to the City's population. This provides a tailored health and wellbeing profile to inform the strategic priorities of the City of London Health and  Wellbeing Board, as well as local data to support the commissioning of services by the City of London Corporation.

Adult health needs assessments

Children's health needs assessments

Mental health and substance misuse needs assessment

In 2014 a mental health and substance misuse needs assessment was undertaken of the City and Hackney residents. Key findings will be summarised in the mental health chapter in 2016.

Annual report of the Director of Public Health for Hackney and the City of London

The Director of Public Health has a statutory duty to produce an annual report. Healthy children healthy future looks back at the different areas of work delivered by the Public Health service, predominantly focusing on the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

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