Housing benefit information for landlords

Landlord account

Login to the One Account to access your landlord account details: 

  • a list of your current and past tenants that have claimed housing benefit
  • a summary of details relating to your tenants claim
  • next payment details for each of your tenants
  • previous payment details for each of your tenants
  • details of any invoices for each of your tenants

Login to your landlord account

Landlords FAQs and enquiries  

Read our FAQs for a list of questions which we are regularly asked by landlords about housing benefit claims and payments. You can also submit an enquiry.

Landlord questions

Housing benefit overpayments

When a housing benefit overpayment occurs, we will look in to the reasons why and decide if it is recoverable and who it should be recovered from.

If payments have been made direct to a landlord, we may decide to recover the overpayment from them. 

Repay an overpayment

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