Late night levy

We introduced the late night levy on 1 November.

The levy allows us to raise revenue by charging everyone who's authorised to sell alcohol between midnight and 6am. If you hold a premises licenses or club premises certificates and you're authorised to sell alcohol between 1 minute past midnight and 6am on one or more days in a year, you'll be required to pay an additional annual fee. The levy applies to all of Hackney.


Local evidence shows a clear correlation between the locations of late night licensed premises and incidents involving robbery, violence and theft. Hackney Police estimate the cost of policing the night-time economy in the borough to be around £1.4 million annually, of which £890,000 is specifically required to fund their dedicated night time economy teams.

The levy will be collected by the Council, but at least 70% of any net revenue collected must be paid to the police. It's then used as a contribution to the policing and control of late night alcohol related crime and disorder. 


The levy uses same fee structure as application fees under the Licensing Act 2003. You can find out the rateable value of your premises in your business rates information or from the government's Valuation Office Agency.


Non domestic rateable value bands

Levy fee

Current annual fee

Total fee payable annually

Weekly equivalent


No rateable value to £4300






£4301 to £33000






£33001 to £87000






£87001 to £125000






£125001 and above





The fees are set by the Home Office and are based on the non-domestic rateable value (NDRV) of the premises and are collected alongside the annual fee. We'll write to you each year to tell you when to pay.

Outside operating hours

The levy applies to all premises licences or club premises certificates authorising the sale of alcohol at any time between 1 minute past midnight and 6am on one or more days of the week in any year - even if the full licensable hours are not used.

Over 1,000 premises are authorised to sell alcohol and, of these, over 400 are able to supply alcohol at any time between 1 minute past midnight and 6am. 

Maximum income

The maximum income generated by the levy would be £395,000.


We'll be establishing a local management board, who will be responsible for overseeing how we spend the money we raise. We're currently in discussions with the police to set out exactly how this will work. This will include representatives from licensed premises who are required to pay the levy as well as police and Council officers. 

How the police use the revenue

The revenue must be used to contribute towards the costs of managing the late night economy. In Hackney, this is likely to include providing:

  • additional police patrols across the borough
  • additional staff to monitor CCTV
  • a radio link with the police so staff can be deployed promptly wherever they're needed
  • joint patrols and operations by police and Council officers including enforcement officers, so there's maximum coverage of the borough and best use of resources

How the Council use the revenue

We'll use the revenue from the levy towards services and activities which:

  • reduce or prevent crime and disorder
  • promote public safety
  • reduce or prevent public nuisance
  • clean any relevant highway or land in Hackney

New licences and certificates

When you get a new license or certificate, you'll have two weeks to pay the additional levy fee. The levy does not apply to temporary event notices.

License and certificate variations

You have until 30 October to make a free variation to your licence/certificate to reduce the authorised hours for the supply of alcohol.

Exemptions, reductions and discounts

There are no exemptions, reductions or discounts.

Voluntary levy

The voluntary levy that is currently paid by 40 premises in Dalston and Shoreditch will not continue. We'll write to the businesses affected.

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