Local plan 2033 (LP33)

The new borough-wide local plan, known as LP33, will be the key strategic planning document which will establish a vision and planning policies to direct and guide development in the borough up to 2033. The plan is critical in ensuring that we get the right amount of development built in the right place at the right time so that the future needs of the borough are met.

In order to deliver continued growth and regeneration we must ensure a robust planning framework is in place. At the moment we have three key documents (core strategy, development management and site allocations local plans). LP33 will combine and update these documents into a single, clear document, helping to support growth and regeneration and provide clarity to our residents.


Update - town centre and retail study 

The Council is undertaking a study looking into the future retail and leisure needs for its town and district centres. These studies are a requirement of national planning guidance and will inform the production of the Council's new local plan (LP33).

As part of this study, a market research company has been commissioned to undertake a household telephone survey during January 2017. This survey will ask people who live within and surrounding the London Borough of Hackney about the type of shops or online stores they use, the stores and towns they visit for shopping and leisure activities such as eating, drinking and going to the cinema, and their likes and dislikes about the centres they visit.

The market research company will also be undertaking on-street surveys in the centres of Dalston, Hackney (Mare Street), Stoke Newington and Shoreditch in early January 2017.

The results from these surveys will help to build up a picture of how people use the town and district centres in the Borough, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and establish what people would like to see change.

The information gathered from these surveys will help the Council to plan for the future of the area and ensure their town and district centres remains attractive places to live, work and visit. The results of the study will be made available on this page in due course.

If you have any further queries about this research please email: ldf@hackney.gov.uk or tel 020 8356 8753.

We need your views on parks and open spaces in Hackney

As part of the review of the local plan we've commissioned consultants to undertake a comprehensive assessment of public parks, open spaces and leisure facilities in the borough.

We'll use the results to inform our approach to planning and managing open spaces in Hackney. It's important that we understand how you use your open spaces and how you would want them to be improved so that we can plan how to do this in the future. Find out more and take the survey.‚Äč

July 2016

The local plan review 2033 (LP33) got approval at July Cabinet for the launch of early consultation due to be carried out in October. We will consult Hackney residents, businesses, stakeholders and statutory bodies on a 'direction of travel' document detailing key challenges and issues, and potential high level options to address these. We'll be consulting on LP33 jointly with the ongoing consultation on the sustainable community strategy - Hackney a Place for Everyone.

April 2016

We are at the early stages of preparing LP33. The detailed programme and timetable for producing LP33 is set out in the local development scheme, which also provides details of other important planning policy documents that are being developed over the coming years, including area action plans for Shoreditch and Stamford Hill.

We're gathering evidence on a range of areas. From this research we will identify key issues and propose options for how the local plan can help to resolve these.

Background information

See the documents below for information on the issues that the local plan will seek to address:

Topic papers:

If you'd like further information please email ldf@hackney.gov.uk or call 020 8356 8084.

Evidence base

We have produced and commissioned a series of studies, documents and background evidence which provide information to support the production of LP33. More studies, documents and background evidence will be added as they are published.

Hackney infrastructure assessment update July 2016

Physical infrastructure

Social infrastructure

Green and blue infrastructure

More information

For more information about LP33, contact us on ldf@hackney.gov.uk or 020 8356 8084.

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