Street or market trading licence

To sell goods or provide a service in the street, on a public footway or up to 7 metres distance from any street, you need a licence.

We issue street trading licences to named individuals to sell commodities from a specified location in the market or miscellaneous sites on certain days. The licence can be temporary or permanent, but to become a permanent trader you must first trade as a temporary trader for at least 6 months. 

Apply for or renew a licence

Apply Renew

View the licences on offer, fees and charges and make a postal application.

Before you start

You will need:

  • to choose your commodity [pdf, 629.81KB]- if we are oversubscribed for your chosen commodity, you will be asked to select an alternative
  • please note: Ridley Road market has its own specific commodity regulations [pdf, 343.41KB]
  • to upload supporting information  - photos (gif, tiff, jpeg, .jpg, .png, .bmp and scanned documents in (doc, docx .pdf, .gif, .tiff, .docx)
    • a clear passport photograph
    • proof of identity (passport or driving licence)
    • proof of address (utility bill or bank statement within the last 3 months
    • proof of national insurance number
    • a copy of public liability insurance certificate (with a minimum of 5 million)
    • a copy of food safety and hygiene certificate (if trading in cooked food)
    • a copy of gas certificate if cooking with LPG gas
    • a copy of food registration certificate (if you're registered with another local authority then you may supply the certificate given to you by them. You must register with the local authority where your food preparation takes place
    • proof of right to work in the UK (if you are subject to immigration control only)

You will need to pay by debit / credit card. Please ensure that you don't close the window once you have made payment as there is one final step after the payment screen.

What happens after you apply?

If you submit everything we need, we aim to process your licence within 10 working days. If you're unsuccessful, we will explain why or what you need to do to help us process it. 

Please note that for some markets you may also be required to attend an informal interview to assess your suitability before being granted a licence. You will be contacted via the details you provide to arrange a suitable time and date.

Types of licence and postal applications

Temporary licences

These are issued in the following circumstances:

  • first time applicants can only apply for a temporary licence. This can also be renewed
  • if your licence has expired and you have not traded in our markets for a period of time, you can reapply for a temporary licence
  • temporary traders are eligible to apply for a permanent licence after 6 months of consistent trading 
  • temporary licences are also issued to charities or commercial organisations. Charities will be granted permission to trade for one day for free and are required to apply in writing on their headed note-paper giving details of their organisation, registered charity number, details of the promotion and their public liability insurance cover of 5 million. Charities pay the full fees and charges after the free day's trade.

Temporary licences are renewed every 6 months and are non-transferable.

Please post your forms to the address below or scan it and submit it via email to

Please allow up to 7 working days for your renewal request to be processed and your licence to be sent. Make cheques and postal orders payable to the London Borough of Hackney.

Permanent licences

To become a permanent trader on Ridley Road or Hoxton Markets you must first trade as a temporary trader for at least 6 months, to establish a trading pattern. We award permanent licences based on your trading patterns, commodity and the availability of pitches. Permanent licences are renewed every year.

Please post your forms to the address below or scan it and submit it via email to

Please allow up to 7 working days for your renewal request to be processed and your licence to be sent out to you. Make cheques and postal orders payable to the London Borough of Hackney.

Assistant(s) / manager licence

Traders can employ a registered assistant, to cover short period of times each day and for up to 4 weeks holiday a year. You must register your assistant/s using the assistant's registration form below. If the details of assistant change, an updated form must be submitted.

Both temporary and permanent traders may have up to 4 assistants, one of whom can be registered as a manager.

The licensee is expected to be in visible control of the stall for most of the working week (51% of the time). Where a licensee is not at their stall for this time without a reason that we consider reasonable, we can revoke a licence for non-attendance. 

An administration fee is charged to process the assistant application. Please refer to the fees and charges below.

Please post your forms to the address below.

Food business application - food hygiene regulations

The law requires you toregister your food business, if you prepare, sell, store or transport food or refreshments to sell in Hackney's markets. This includes if you are taking over an existing business. See the below document to find out more about the food safety guidance for market traders:

Vehicle exemption list

For both Ridley Road and Hoxton Street markets, the Council has a vehicle exemption list which allows traders to enter the market during permitted unloading times without receiving a parking penalty charge notice (PCN).

Each trader may have up to two vehicles registered at any one time. First time applicants must add their VRM(s) to their application form where prompted to ensure that their vehicles are added to the list. Current traders must complete the VRM exemption list form and return it to the markets office in person, by post or via email.

If you purchase a new vehicle, you must also complete the application form and return it to the address below in order for records to be updated.

Please be advised that failure to provide the Council with your VRM in the correct way will mean that you are not added to the exemption list and will be susceptible to the issue of a PCN when entering the market to unload. The Council will not be liable for any PCN issued under such circumstances.

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