Market traders

There are over 600 pitches in the six markets with market inspectors in each to provide guidance and support to new and existing traders.

Traders wanted for Hackney Wick market

We're looking for traders for Hackney Wick Market on Prince Edward's Road in Hackney Wick. The deadline is 9 July 2017.

Traders wanted for Hoxton Street market

We would like to hear from anyone interested in becoming a market stall trader at Hoxton Street Market.

The market operates Monday to Saturday. Monday to Friday there are limited pitches for lunchtime street-food traders. Saturday has a full market with 128 pitches available and a road closure in place.

Traders wanted for the Square on the Mare Street Narrow Way

We're looking for traders for the new public square which has been created as part of the improvements to the Mare Street Narrow Way. The deadline is 16 July 2017.

Traders wanted for Well Street market

We would like to hear from anyone interested in becoming a market stall trader at Well Street market.

The market will operate on the first Saturday of every month, from 9am till 5pm.

To register your interest please email: and give a description of the product you would like to sell along with your contact details. 

Trial pitch scheme

If you're a new trader, you can try the borough's markets with four days free within the first month of your licence being granted. This can be either 

  • four consecutive days at either of our six-day-a-week markets or
  • four consecutive weekend days (either Saturday or Sunday) in any of our markets.

Referral credit scheme

If you're currently a licenced trader and you refer a new trader to one of Hackney's markets, you'll both be eligible to receive a credit equal to a single day's pitch fee. The credit can be claimed when the new trader fills out the required section on their application form.

Find out more

For more information on either scheme please contact

Apply or renew

More information

Please note: No markets open/operate on public/bank holidays except on Good Friday.

What Hackney has to offer 

Our charges are below the London average.

  • our markets are in key shopping areas: Dalston, Shoreditch, London Fields and Hackney Central
  • Hackney has a diverse population with a wide range of shopping needs and interests, so you're bound to find a customer base to suit you
  • we are investing in the environment, management and promotion of our markets, and in 2010 funded over £1m of improvement works in Ridley Road
  • we are committed to the long term sustainability of markets: we believe they are a vital part of our local economy and communities.

Before you apply to trade in Hackney we advise you to: 

  • find out about all six of our markets. You are welcome to ask a Markets Officer about the opportunities available and plans for each market
  • check the suitability of the market
  • visit the market to see if the commodity you intend to sell is widely available or not
  • talk to an existing market trader and market officer to get a feel for the way we work.  

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