Mental health support

Mental health is how people look at themselves, their lives and other people: how they deal with problems, explore choices, handle stress, relate to others and make decisions. Most mental health problems, though distressing for the person at the time, are relatively mild and, if recognised, can be alleviated with support and perhaps professional help. Mental Health strategy for older people in City and Hackney 2008-2018 [pdf, 217.4Kb]

For some, however, mental health problems are more severe, long lasting and disabling. Mental health problems can occur at any age.

If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health problems, first contact your GP who can refer people for social care support provided by Community Mental Health Services in partnership with City and Hackney Primary Care Trust and East London Foundation NHS Trust or a specialist centre.

Hackney has a range of services for people with mental health problems depending on age and need.

For children and young people

For adults

The North and South Hackney Community Mental Health Teams provide comprehensive health and social care services for people with long-term mental health problems living in the community including assessment, brief treatment, continuing care and advice.

City and Hackney Adult Mental Health Point of Entry (CHAMHPE) 

The CHAMHPE service screens urgent and non-urgent referrals of adults aged 18-65 to Secondary Mental Health services. This single point of entry simplifies the referral process to secondary mental health services which is in response to feedback from patients. It enables rapid feedback on all referrals taken, from GPs as well as other sources. Tel: 020 8510 8011. Fax: 020 8510 8064. Emergency Contact Number: 07870 595 732

City and Hackney Wellbeing Network

The City and Hackney Wellbeing Network provides high quality, free courses and groups to Hackney residents to help with issues such as stress, anxiety and depression, and help prevent mental health problems from starting or getting worse. The network also supports people with severe and enduring mental health conditions.

The groups and courses include mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, employment, money management and preventing debt, eco-volunteering, and much more. The network is a partnership of eleven specialist mental health agencies, each with a wealth of expertise in working with different communities in Hackney.

Call 020 8525 2301 or email

Lee House

Lee House is an employment and rehabilitation centre that aims to provide a structured, supportive environment where people can learn and progress into mainstream employment opportunities. Lee House  6-6A Rectory Road, London N16 7QS. Telephone: 020 7275 9100. Email:

For vulnerable adults

Hackney Adult Placement Scheme (Shared Lives Hackney) recruits and trains people from the local community to care for vulnerable adults with mental health and learning difficulties in carers' homes.

For older people

Mental health services for older people helpline

For people with depression

East London Foundation NHS Trust

East London Foundation NHS Trust and a variety of voluntary and other organisations in Hackney provide a wide range of services for people facing depression.

For adults needing 24-hour support

Upper Clapton Supported Housing Project also known as Prout Road Hostel, provides self-contained studio flats with 24-hour care and support to people with mental health problems through a partnership between Hackney Community Services and the Peabody Trust.

For people affected by alcohol and/or drugs

Substance Misuse Team assessment and care management for people whose lives are affected by alcohol or drug use with scope for referral to a range of community based self help organisations.

For rehabilitation

Lee House Rehabilitation and Employment Centre - rehabilitation, employment training and support for people who have experienced mental ill-health. Visit the Lee House web page produced by Lee House members.

For people in secure provision

The Forensic social work team at the John Howard Centre provides specialist social care to service users within East London Foundation NHS Trust's forensic directorate. The John Howard Centre also incorporates specialist secure provision commissioned by the Department of Health for mentally disordered offenders with Personality Disorder.

For emergencies

Contact the Emergency Duty Team:

  • emergency assessment of children in need including children under the 1889 Children's Act
  • help and advice to families in acute distress
  • emergency assessment of people with mental health problems
  • assessment support and advice to people with learning and physical difficulties
  • older people
  • young people under 17
  • vulnerable people in police custody

The team assesses immediate needs, offers advice and guidance and takes emergency action under the Local Authority Child Protection procedure or under mental health legislation where necessary to protect service users and the community.

Approved Mental Health Professional Team

Duty social work service for agencies and GPs needing assessments carried out under the Mental Health Act 1983. Referrals not accepted from the general public. Locality mental health teams or main providers such as older people's services should be contacted first. 

Become a Hackney adult placement scheme carer 

Hackney adult placement scheme (HAPS) is recruiting carers in the local area to support individuals with learning disabilities or mental health problems. The role would require a vulnerable adult moving into your home with you supporting them with day to day activities whilst also promoting their independence. You would be self-employed but will receive a payment of £400-£700 per week from the Council (dependant on the level of support you provide).

To become a carer you need to be:

  • over 18 with some experience in care work, either paid or voluntary, or caring for a family member.
  • able to read, write and complete required paperwork
  • good at communicating and working with people
  • willing to help people who may have difficulties in communicating with others
  • willing to learn new skills and work on your own
  • patient, imaginative and flexible

For more information contact or telephone 020 8356 7833.


Post your application to Hackney adult placement scheme, 1 Hillman Street, Hackney, E8 1DY.

HAPS CQC rating

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