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The museum helps support the work of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) tutors and their students. We offer a stimulating place to deliver the core curriculum using the museum as a teaching resource and resources created to match the specific needs of the ESOL learning levels outlined in the Core Curriculum. Our ESOL consultant worked with tutors and students to create these high quality resources.

You can download each level's preparatory lesson plan and vocabulary activities, worksheets and follow up resources. For each level we recommend that you download the introduction and the plan of the museum for both the tutors and students to use.

Entry level 1a

Entry level 1b

Entry level 2 

Entry level 3

Level 1 

Level 2 

For more information about Hackney Museum's free resources for ESOL learners please contact the Community Education Manager on 020 8356 2658 or email


These resources have been written by Tracy Ann Smith, ESOL Consultant. Many thanks to the members of the Hackney Museum ESOL Focus Group and their students who have helped develop these resources:

  • Will Brownings, Micaela Hendricks, Delia Rodriguez, David Street and Emily Vivas at Hackney Community College
  • Stuart Pollard at Skola International School
  • Veena Torchia at Springboard 
  • Andrew David and Gary Winder at Tower Hamlets College
  • Murray Cooper at Turkish Education Centre
  • Asye Bircan at Women's Refugee Group

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