Narrow Way improvements

We're currently working to improve the Narrow Way. The work will revitalise the high street and ensure it's a safe, pleasant and healthy place to live, work and visit. We'll be working in the area from the junction of Mare Street with Amhurst Road to the junction of Mare Street with Clarence Road.

Construction work areas

St Augustine's Square

We've created a new St Augustine's Square between St. Augustine's Tower and the Narrow Way, which is now open and accessible by the public. We've also provided a new raised level platform, new steps, accessible access, resurfacing works and trees. We've relocated the hornbeam trees to London Fields due to the works, and provided 5 new trees in the square.

The toilets in the square are temporarily unavailable. The nearest public toilets are on Wilton Way next to Hackney Town Hall, approximately 300 metres away.

Main construction work on the Narrow Way

The construction work on the Narrow Way will include:

  • new surfacing on the Narrow Way from the junction of Amhurst Road to Clarence Road
  • new lighting including a catenary system that suspends lighting fixtures on cables rather than poles
  • new and increased levels of seating, cycle parking and trees
  • improved drainage

We're currently working in the southern section of the area from Bohemia Place to Mermaid Fabrics (364 Mare Street) clearing and excavating the site, doing utility works, below surface construction and adding the new paving. We're building up sections of the base below road level so there's pedestrian access to the Narrow Way and shops before we come back to add the final surface paving shown in the plan.

We'll move along the Narrow Way as we finish each section of the work but might work in different places at the same time. The shops will be open as usual while we are working but you should expect some noise and minor disruption. We're expecting to complete the area between the Old Town Hall and Marks and Spencer's towards the end of May.

Kenmure Road

We've laid a new section of road surfacing on Kenmure Road. We'll be doing further work in the area soon.

Narrow Way

Using the Narrow Way

The Narrow Way will be open for business as usual throughout the work. If you're a cyclist, you'll need to dismount as there's limited space around the work sites. We'll need to change the ways traffic and pedestrians move around the sites from time to time but we'll make sure any changes are clearly signposted.

We've closed the Narrow Way to traffic at the southern end so we can do the current work. Limited access is available for deliveries and servicing, however you will need to exit via the northern junction with Dalston Lane as the road is closed to traffic towards the southern junction with Amhurst Road. We've provided a banksman between 8am and 10am Monday - Friday.

Our public liaison officer, Glenn Tobin, has visited all businesses on the Narrow Way to discuss their servicing and delivery requirements. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Glenn on 07725 521 194 or Glenn's available to discuss any issues including temporary arrangements for servicing and deliveries.


Please avoid parking near the areas we're working in, which will be clearly marked with signs, cones and barriers. If you do park where we're working, your vehicle may have to be removed.

Page updated: 22/11/2018 15:02:21