New Age Games

The New Age Games is a sport and physical activity programme for Hackney residents aged 50 and over. It can help you increase the amount of exercise you do and sustain it, contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

There's no need to book - just turn up at the first session. We'll make every effort to accommodate you but participation is on a first come first served basis.

Registration form

Please print and complete the registration form before attending, and give it to the instructor at the session. If you have any underlying health concerns which could get worse with exercise, they'll give you another form to take to your GP.

See Healthy Hackney for more activities including our One You £1 community-based fitness classes.

Sessions at leisure centres

If you're attending a session at a leisure centre, please make it clear to reception that you are participating in the New Age Games and which session(s) you wish to attend. Please note, New Age Games is a free scheme and you do not need to be a paid member of a Hackney leisure centre to participate.


The first time you attend, reception will ask you for your name and telephone number and will give you a unique number, which you'll need to tell reception each time you attend a New Age Games class - if you're a member of Better, you can use your membership card. You'll still need to register your attendance with the class instructor.

If attending the swimming for beginners session, after changing into your swimming attire please wait in the pool's viewing gallery at 12 noon for the instructor and class registration. Please do not enter the pool before registering with the instructor.

Kings Hall and Queensbridge 

Staff will direct you through the barrier. You'll need to register with your New Age Games class instructor.


Staff will direct you through the barrier. You'll need to register with your New Age Games class instructor. If attending the water aerobics session, please meet the instructor on the left-hand side of the pool at 9.30am for class registration. Please do not enter the pool before registering with the instructor.

Guide to activities

  • Aerobic and Tone - a varied aerobic workout to music using dyna bands to improve strength, flexibility and endurance
  • archery - a low impact sport, suitable for most abilities where you'll learn how to hold a bow and shoot at the target as well as learning the rules archery; sessions are held indoors, maximum 18 participants
  • badminton - a racquet sport played in pairs; points are scored by hitting a shuttlecock over a net so it lands in the opponent's half of the court
  • boccia - a target ball sport belonging to the same family as petanque and bowls; the session is of low intensity and suitable for all abilities
  • Brazilian dance - a dance fitness programme, originating from Columbia with slow and fast rhythms, as well as resistance training
  • chair-based activity - exercises designed to help people with mobility problems to gently build-up their activity levels and fitness, and keep active without putting unwanted strain on their hips, legs or arms; making them ideal for people with arthritis or osteoporosis, or who have had back, knee or hip surgery - suitable for people who have very low levels of fitness
  • cycling - learn how to ride or cycle off road in the beautiful surroundings of the river Lea - all equipment is provided
  • Fit to Tone - a varied aerobic fitness workout to music, focusing on improving strength, endurance and flexibility
  • gym - a facility which provides a range of equipment to help you stay physically active with staff on hand to provide advice and support
  • Move-Ability - a circuit based class designed for people with activity limitations and comprising of a warm up, cardiovascular component, light resistance exercises and a cool down
  • Pilates - a body-conditioning routine which helps improve flexibility, strength and endurance, providing a strong focus to develop the body's core muscles and improving balance and co-ordination; maximum 32 participants
  • swimming for beginners - improve your confidence by learning swimming strokes; emphasis is on development of very basic motor skills
  • Soca aerobics - a dance fitness programme, which originated from the Caribbean with slow and fast rhythms, as well as resistance training
  • table tennis - indoors, with single and double games played
  • tennis - indoor and outdoor
  • walking football - a minimal-contact sport with one main difference to standard football - no running; a great way to keep fit, learn new skills and socialise at the same time
  • water aerobics - a type of resistance training done mostly vertically and without swimming, in fairly shallow water such as in a swimming pool
  • yoga - an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility, posture and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing; maximum 32 participants

Case studies

Find out how the New Age Games programme has helped Hackney residents:

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