Nightingale Estate

In 1990 the Council entered into an agreement with Southern Housing Trust for the redevelopment and regeneration of the Nightingale Estate on a phased basis. The regeneration programme comprised refurbishment and retention by the Council of 397 homes. Four tower blocks, comprising 336 homes, and 167 homes in low rise blocks, were demolished to provide cleared sites for building over 700 new mixed tenure homes.

The refurbishment works were completed in 2006 and funded by a combination of Estate Action grant and Council contributions. The 397 homes for Council retention have been refurbished to a 30 year life standard. In addition 275 new affordable homes including 203 for social renting and three new commercial units have been built by Southern Housing. 

Two hectares of cleared land in Council ownership remains to be developed on the estate, which is not part of the Southern Housing agreement. The Council is committed to the development of this site to complete the regeneration of the estate, and architects will be commissioned to provide a masterplan. 

This estate is part of the Council's borough-wide 2,760-home estate regeneration programme, which is one of London's largest schemes for building homes for social renting, shared ownership, and private sale, now in its fourth year with 201 for social renting, 20 for shared ownership/equity, and 42 for private sale built so far, and more than 300 expected to start on site this year.

Residents' survey

In 2015 we commissioned BMG Research to survey residents to find out their opinions of the estate, their housing and find out about their use of the facilities. We also wanted to understand how the community's needs vary in order to help make informed decisions within the regeneration project.


Regeneration masterplan options

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