Other permits

Business permits

You can apply for a business permit if your business is located within a parking zone.   


Apply to suspend a parking bay for removals, local events, utilities (gas, water or electricity) works, construction / engineering / vehicles access, filming, and highway improvements.

Dispensation waivers (temporary waivers)

Apply for a dispensation waiver park a vehicle for a limited period of time, such as for domestic removals, weddings, funerals or building works.

Health and social care permits and vouchers

If you work for an organisation that provides essential health and social care services to residents, you may be able to apply for a health and social care permit or voucher.

Doctor's permits

Doctor's permits entitle doctors to park in doctors only bays.

All zone permit or voucher

All zone permits and vouchers are open to all, and allow parking in all parking zones.

Companion badge

Available to all blue badge holders who live and park in Hackney, the companion badge is free and provides additional security against the possibility of blue badge theft.

Film parking vouchers

Film vouchers are open to film and photographic production companies working in the borough.

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