Parking permit price calculator

The way we charge for parking is changing as part of a drive to reduce pollution in the borough. The changes will take place over three years and will see parking permits charged according to CO2 emissions instead of engine size.

This will mean cheaper parking permits for low emission vehicles and higher charges for the most polluting vehicles. Other changes include:

  • cars built before 2001 will move up a band in the charging scheme, reflecting the levels of CO2 they produce
  • diesel vehicles will incur a £50 levy, which represents the high levels particulate matter pollution

Our new parking permit price calculator below will allow you to view exactly what you will be paying with CO2 emissions-based charging.

Why are we doing this?

Some areas of Hackney are breaking EU air quality levels due to pollutants in the air like CO2. Studies have found that diesel vehicles and vehicles built before 2001 release more pollution than newer, petrol vehicles. We want to encourage more vehicle owners to use more energy efficient travel options which will help to reduce the pollution.

Changes rolled out over three years

To help residents and businesses prepare for CO2 emissions-based charging, there will be no changes in the price of permits until August 2016. CO2 emissions-based charging will be phased in over two years from September 2016, with all residents and businesses paying half of the difference between their current permit price and the new charges in the first year. The full charges will then be applied from September 2017.

Do you need to own a car?

The Council supports car clubs, which enable you to use a car when you need one, without the cost of owning one. Car club cars are parked on-street in their own designated bay or resident's bay and are spread evenly throughout the borough, making them easily accessible. For every car club vehicle introduced, 20 private vehicles are taken off the road.

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