World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day, Friday 22 September, is a chance to rethink what our streets can be used for.

We're celebrating it by transforming a number of car parking spaces in Shoreditch into small, temporary parks called parklets.

We've invited local residents and businesses to submit creative and interesting ideas to temporarily bring these parklets to life - applications have now closed, so come down to Shoreditch on Friday 22 September to see the pop-up parklets.

On the day, we'll also be closing Garden Walk in Shoreditch to traffic for a street party. There'll be beautiful trees, relaxed seating and food and drink from local retailers, so stop by this end of summer garden party and enjoy World Car Free Day in Shoreditch.  


Why are the pop-up parklets temporary and only in Shoreditch?

We know that there is a demand for parklets across the borough. The pop-up parklets are an opportunity for us to see what works, and how they could be rolled out more widely.

In the future we want to provide a way for local residents to suggest locations and uses for more permanent parklets everywhere - Car Free Day is just the start.

Page updated: 08/09/2017 10:02:11