Play areas

Play is an important part of every child's development and essential both to their health and happiness.

Hackney parks with play areas

Adventure playgrounds

  • Apples and Pears Adventure Playground, Pearson Street, E2 8EL. Tel: 020 7729 6062
  • Evergreen Adventure Playground, Beehive Close, (off Richmond Road), E8 3JT. Tel: 020 7275 9004
  • Hackney March Adventure Playground, Daubney Fields (off Kingsmead Way), E9 5PP. Tel: 020 8986 7245
  • Homerton Grove Adventure Playground, Wardle Street E9 5QG. Tel: 020 8985 9202
  • Kidsactive Adventure Playground Hackney (KAPH), Spring lane, Big Hill, Clapton E5 9HQ (open to all if spaces are available, but priority is given to children with special needs). Tel: 020 8806 6149
  • Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground, Shakespeare Walk, N16 8TL. Tel: 020 7249 8405
  • Shoreditch Adventure Playground, Mintern Street N1 5EF. Tel: 020 7729 3770 

Play streets

You can apply for a temporary play street order, which allows you to close your street to through traffic for up to 3 hours per week, turning it into a play street.

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