Frampton Park Baptist Church E9

Mixed use regeneration scheme to provide a new church for the community and apartments.

Frampton Park Baptist Church

Scheme details

Address: Frampton Park Road Baptist Church 
Architect: Matthew Lloyd Architects
Client: Frampton Park Baptist Church
Contractor: Telford Homes

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About the project

Frampton Park Baptist Church sits in a post-war council estate, replacing a building that was no longer fit for purpose with a new church, which together with 47 apartments, creates a new family of buildings. The Church's clear vision, tested through extensive local consultation, was to build a new centre to expand their outreach. The church building provides its thriving congregation with multi-functional community-centred space - funding for which was enabled by the provision of three new residential blocks.

The church, clad in pale, textured brickwork, is three storeys and stands out from the local streetscape with its imposing six storey tower and cross, illuminated at night - a reference to traditional church design - serving as a local landmark.
A generous two-storey entrance lobby leads to a public café, with large glass doors opening onto a green space on Frampton Park Road. Ground and first floors are given to fully accessible community spaces, with the worship space on the uppermost floor, also used as for sports and classes. The Church is constructed and self-finished internally in cross laminated timber (CLT).

The residential buildings contain 47 flats, planned around a shared garden to the rear. In contrast to the horizontality of the surrounding estate, the new buildings are broken vertically, separated by transparent stair towers allowing visual links and surveillance between the external spaces. Block heights vary and are expressed in different complementary brick colours, while materials and details are drawn from the locality varying the streetscape. Sustainability permeates all aspects of the development from site layout to details and construction.

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