Wharf Road N1

Large new build mixed use commercial and residential project planned around courtyards providing access to Wenlock Basin.

Wharf Road

Scheme details

Address: 18-42 Wharf Road, London N1 7SW
Architect: Stephen Marshall Architects
Client: A2 Dominion (RSL)
Contractor: United Living

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About the project

The Wharf Road project is located on Wenlock Basin off the Grand Union canal in East London. The site was unusually long - 170m and 50m wide.

The client were looking to maximise the number of apartments on the site. This resulted in 327 apartments, one third of which are affordable, most of these being affordable rent with a proportion being shared equity sales.
The site is framed by two Grade II listed buildings, Victoria Miro Gallery to the south and Waterside Studios to the north.

The first move was to form two parts of the elevation that would sit comfortably with this historic fabric. Next, two routes through to the canal landscape were set back. The routes tie through with those on the Wenlock Basin master plan to the north.

The central section of the building is more progressive/modern and this element has a more abstract/geometric elevation formed in corten to reflect the sites industrial past.

The upper floors are set back and contain the accommodation in what looks like giant wooden 'packing crates'. In some ways this reflects the sites previous woodworking furniture background.

The building is organised into four sections each with its own stairs and lifts. Between these four elements are three courtyards, two of which are linked to routes through from Wharf Road. Each courtyard is landscaped and each is adjacent to the existing mature landscape of the canal basin. This plan form maximises the number of windows/rooms that can be made as well as creating a community with visual depth and privacy.

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