Planning performance agreements

There are currently a number of significant major development schemes in the borough. These are often complex due to issues such as design, height and density, particularly if the proposal is in or close to an area of special character. 

To ensure that the schemes are of the highest quality, we can work with developers and applicants from project inception, to planning decisions being determined and all associated conditions discharged. This partnership working takes the form of the applicant and the Council entering into a planning performance agreement (PPA). 

Timetable for processing a major planning application

A PPA sets a timetable for processing a major planning application, including key milestones for pre-application advice, submission of application, determination and discharge of conditions. 


The cost of this service is based on the anticipated officer hours to meet the milestones set out in the agreed PPA timetable, along with any specific meetings to progress the application as part of the agreement (e.g. major sites review, pre-app sub-committee). Please contact us for a schedule of the hourly charging rate. 

Submit schemes as soon as you can

To take advantage of the PPA service, developers are encouraged to submit indicative schemes at the earliest opportunity, along with a draft timetable for submission of a planning application and decision issued. We will then prepare costings and a formal agreement signed. 

Please note

Whilst a PPA will help to ensure a major application is processed to an agreed timetable, with meetings to help overcome issues that arise during the application process, it does not prejudice the outcome of a planning application or guarantee planning permission.

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