Red routes

Red routes are the responsibility of Transport for London and can be identified by their red no-stopping lines on the highway and signs along the route. Single and double red lines ban all stopping, parking and loading. Double red lines apply at all times and single red lines usually apply during the working day.  

Red route controls are enforced by the Police and their traffic wardens. We do not enforce them.

Report a red route problem to TfL

Red route roads in Hackney

The red routes in Hackney are all or part of these roads:

  • Amhurst Park
  • Clapton Common
  • Clapton Road
  • Commercial Street
  • Curtain Road
  • East Cross Route
  • Evering Road
  • Fairchild Street
  • Great Eastern Street
  • Hackney Road
  • Holywell Road
  • Homerton High Street
  • Kenworthy Road 
  • Kingsland High Street
  • Kingsland Road
  • Lower Clapton Road
  • Manse Road
  • Northwold Road
  • Norton Folgate
  • Old Street
  • Rectory Road
  • Seven Sisters Road
  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Stamford Hill
  • Stoke Newington High Street
  • Stoke Newington Road
  • Upper Clapton Road
  • Urswick Road
  • Wick Road

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