Save energy

Energy efficiency is not only a key part of the challenge to become greener, it can also help you save money. Below are some ideas and advice to improve your home and reduce your energy bills at the same time. 

Hackney energy advice line

The average household spends over £1,000 on gas and electricity each year - and energy prices are on the increase. However, there are lots of ways to reduce your bills, and our dedicated energy advice line can help you to make savings. Just contact our helpful team on: 0800 281 768 for advice on a range of energy-saving subjects including:

  • easy ways to save money by saving energy
  • fuel bills and debt
  • fuel switching
  • insulation
  • draught proofing
  • heating controls and systems
  • generating your own electricity at home

The energy advice line number is 0800 281 768 - and calls are free from a land line.

See how much you could save by switching your energy provider using the London Fuel Switchenergy switch calculator.

Energy saving tips

  1. Turn your thermostat down. Reducing your room temperature by 1°C could cut your heating bills by up to 10%. You could save around £40 per year. You can also try putting on another layer of clothing before turning the heating up.
  2. Reduce your water temperature. Is your water too hot? Your boiler thermostat shouldn't need to be set higher than 60°C / 140°F.
  3. Close your curtains at dusk. If you close your curtains at dusk it will stop heat escaping through the windows.
  4. Turn off unnecessary lights. Always turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  5. Don't use standby. Don't leave appliances on standby and remember not to leave them on charge unnecessarily. Switch unessential appliances off at the plug to prevent them draining electricity when you're not using them.
  6. Use half-load and economy programmes on appliances. If you're not filling up the washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher, use the half-load or economy programme.
  7. Only boil the water you need. Just boil as much water as you need, and always cover the elements of an electric kettle.
  8. Don't let taps drip. A dripping hot water tap wastes energy, so make sure taps are fully turned off and that there are no leaks.
  9. Use energy-saving light bulbs. Use energy-saving light bulbs. Just one energy-saving light bulb can save you £100 over the lifetime of the bulb - and they last up to 12 times longer than ordinary light bulbs.
  10. Do a home energy check. If you do a home energy check find out how you can save up to £300 on your household bills. You can do this online atEnergy Saving Trust, or call 0800 512 012.

How we are saving energy

We are committed to saving energy. We are focusing on reducing office energy use, and modernising our fleet to make the most of hybrid technology and biodiesel.

We also encourage green design for new buildings, and the Council's new office buildings feature renewable energy systems which displace some fossil fuel use.

Watersure Plus

Watersure Plus is a Thames Water scheme that could cut your yearly bill by 50%.

To be eligible for the tariff you must receive one of the following qualifying benefits:

  • housing benefit
  • income-related Employment and Support Allowance or Income Support
  • income-based Job Seeker's Allowance
  • working tax credit
  • child tax credit (you must receive more than the family element)
  • pension credit
  • universal credit

Also, your water bill must come to 3% or more of your overall household income (after tax and National Insurance have been deducted). Please note this income includes any Housing Benefit and council tax support you may be being paid.

You can use the table below as a guide to see if your bill amounts to 3% or more of your income:

Your annual household incomeWeekly incomeEligible if your annual water bill is:
 £5,000 £96£150 
 £7,500 £144£255
 £10,000 £192£300 
 £12,500 £240£375
 £15,000 £288£450 

Please contact the Hackney energy advice line on 0800 281 768 or 020 7527 6795 if you would like more information or to request an application form. You can also contact Thames Water directly by calling: 0845 641 0068.

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