School streets

School Streets is a pilot scheme where the road outside a number of schools is closed to traffic at the schools' opening and closing times. Closing the street to school traffic and through traffic helps to make a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone while ensuring residents, businesses, pedestrians and cyclists can still use the road.

Selected schools 

Primary schools in Hackney were invited to apply to take part in the trial and 5 have been selected:

  • St John the Baptist School, Crondall Street, N1 6JG  - the St John the Baptist school street launched 26 June 2017
  • Tyssen Community School, Oldhill Street, N16 6LR - consultation closed 1 December 2017 and results are being compiled
  • Gayhurst Community School, Gayhurst Road, E8 3EN - consultation closed  20 October 2017 with 84% of respondents in support of the scheme, further info to follow soon
  • Millfields Community School, Hilsea Street, E5 0SH - consultation closed 20 October 2017 with 77% of respondents in support of the scheme, further info to follow soon
  • London Fields Primary School, Westgate Street, E8 3RL - consultation closes 12 January 2018

St John the Baptist School

Crondall Street and Crondall Court are pedestrian and cycle only zones from 8.30am-9.15am and 3.15pm-4pm on school days only:

  • access is permitted for local residents/businesses if the vehicle is registered for exemption
  • if you're a resident living on Crondall Street with a vehicle in possession of a Zone F parking permit, you'll be automatically added to our list of exempted vehicles
  • if you're a blue badge holder you can apply for an exemption
  • the zone is enforced by camera
  • if you enter the zone in a non-registered vehicle you'll be issued a penalty charge notice

Apply for an exemption

Why the changes are being proposed

The schools selected have asked to be part of the trial because they experience road safety issues and, in some cases, poor local air quality. The aim is to improve local air quality and encourage healthy lifestyles by encouraging more people to walk, cycle or use public transport for journeys to school.

How school streets work

The streets around a school would temporarily become a pedestrian and cycle only zone at set times in the morning and afternoon. The closures will be for between 30-45 minutes with the specific times varying from school to school.

Vehicles cannot enter the street between these times unless they have been given an exemption. Residents and businesses who live and work on a school street will be able to register for an exemption. Any blue badge holder will also be able to register for an exemption.

Signs will inform drivers of the restrictions before the entrance to the closed street. Non-registered vehicles entering the street during the times of operation will be identified by camera and issued a fixed penalty notice. Any vehicles already parked in the street before the times of operation will be able to exit the street without incurring a fixed penalty notice. 

The Council is introducing an experimental Traffic Management Order (TMO), to bring this change into force for a maximum period of 9 months. At the end of this period, the project will be evaluated and a decision made as to whether the scheme should be made permanent.

Residents and businesses on school streets

Residents and businesses in the affected streets will be able to apply, free of charge, for an exemption for a vehicle or vehicles registered to their address. This will allow them to drive that vehicle (and only that vehicle) in the street when it is closed to other traffic.

Other vehicles driven by visitors, parents, delivery vehicles and school staff will not be permitted to drive in the street during the times it is closed to other traffic, with the exception of blue badge holders.

Apply for an exemption

How will it be enforced?

The zones will be enforced by camera and non-registered vehicles caught driving through the zones whilst the restriction is in force can be issued with a penalty charge notice.

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