Settlement checking service

The settlement checking service (SCS) is for people who are applying on form SET (M) for settlement in the UK as the husband, wife, civil partner or unmarried/same-sex partner of a British citizen or someone who is settled here.

About the settlement service

The SCS is a partnership between the UK Border Agency and the Council. The service provides you with the opportunity to have your documents and application form checked when applying for settlement in the UK. Our staff are trained and registered to check and forward your application to the UK Border Agency and are registered by the Office of the Immigration Service(OISC)

The SCS offered by our Registration Service will:

  • check your application form is complete and accurate
  • check, copy and certify all your documents so you can keep your original documents safe, such as your settled partner or spouses passport
  • send your application and supporting documents to the Home Office by secure special delivery post

The SCS is not a fast track service or a premium service. We will not act as agents for the applicant and are unable to offer any advice on settlement matters.

Who can use the settlement checking service?

You can only use the SCS if you are applying on form SET (M) for settlement in the UK as the husband, wife, civil partner or unmarried/same-sex partner of a British citizen or someone who is settled here.

You cannot use the SCS or apply using a SET (M) form if you are a European Economic Area (EEA) National. You can find further advice about how to apply on UK Visas and Immigration, or if you need further information you can contact EEA Residency Enquiries on 0300 123 2253

When should I use the SCS? 

You should contact us in sufficient time to book an appointment before your current leave expires. Please note that you will not be able to attend an appointment more than 28 days before the end of your "two year probationary period."  

The SCS is an optional service and operates on an appointment-only basis. To make an appointment, you should contact the us on 020 8356 3355. We will charge a non-refundable administrative fee to reflect the cost of providing the service. This is in addition to the SET (M) application fee charged by the UK Border Agency.

What documentation is required during my SCS appointment?

You and your partner or spouse should both attend the SCS appointment in person. Child dependants under 18 years of age are not required to attend the appointment. 

You must bring the following original documents with you: 

  • a fully competed SET (M) application form
  • all original documentation to support the application as specified on the application form and notes for guidance
  • your payment details for the SET (M) application fee (payable to the Home Office) 

What happens during a SCS appointment?

During the appointment we will:

  • check your application form and supporting documents
  • inform you of any unacceptable documents or documents over and above the UK Visas and Immigration requirements
  • make certified copies of all supporting documents for enclosure with the application, returning originals to the partner or spouse
  • check the correct fee has been paid
  • submit the checked and complete application to the UK Border Agency via secure delivery

If your existing leave to remain is shown on a biometric residence permit then the original permit would also be submitted.

Where can I get advice about settlement? 

The SCS will not be able to provide advice on settlement matters. If you require advice you can contact the Immigration Enquiry Bureau on 0300 123 2241. Settlement advice can also be found on UK Visas and Immigration.

Feedback on this service

We always welcome feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of our service. Initially your feedback should be directed to the Head of Registration Services, Christie Junor-Sheppard, Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, London, E8 IDY. 

Alternatively, you may if you wish write directly to:

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
Complaints Section
5th Floor, 21 Bloomsbury Street 

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