Shepherdess Walk

Shepherdess Walk is a small park in the residential Wenlock Basin area of Hoxton. It provides valuable open space and play facilities for local people and plenty of grassy space for a kick about.


  • children's play area
  • multi use games area
  • modern Roman-style mosaic  


The first of the Shepherdess Walk mosaics, called History in the Making, was designed by artist Tessa Hunkin to celebrate life in Hackney's parks during the Olympic summer. It was assembled by members of the local community and clients from a drug and alcohol outreach programme in collaboration the Council, Hackney Drug and Alcohol Action Team and Lifeline.

The mosaic was so popular that another piece was designed and installed to celebrate the sheep and shepherdesses who gave the park its name. The team are now working on a pavement piece to accompany the wall mosaics.


The park has an interesting history and was originally just a path through a field from the City of London to Islington. In the mid 18th century a pub called The Shepherd and Shepherdess was built which offered cakes and cream in its pleasure garden. Pleasure gardens were the pre-cursor of public parks and offered outdoor public entertainment. By 1821 The Shepherd and Shepherdess had been rebuilt and renamed The Eagle, which became famous due to its mention in the nursery rhyme Pop Goes the Weasel.


Barbecues are not allowed in Shepherdess Walk. The use of all barbecues in London Fields has also been suspended following safety advice to all London councils from the London Fire Brigade.


All dogs in must be kept on a lead at all times. Dogs are excluded from the sports facilities. More information on dogs in parks.  

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