South Shoreditch conservation area

The Council has adopted the South Shoreditch conservation area appraisal (CAA). This policy combines South Shoreditch and Shoreditch High Street with boundary changes to form a single conservation area.

What is a conservation area and appraisal? 

Conservation areas have special architectural or historic interest and are designated in order to protect and enhance the character and appearance of the historic areas. It is the area as a whole rather than the quality of specific buildings that is of importance. The historic layout of road, paths, gardens and trees all contribute this special character.

The Council designated Sun Street conservation area in 1987, and South Shoreditch and Shoreditch High Street conservation areas in 1991.

Conservation areas enjoy special protection under planning law as briefly set out below, for further details please refer to the Conservation Areas page.

The Council commissioned the preparation of detailed conservation area appraisals for the three Shoreditch conservation areas and the review of their boundaries.

The draft appraisals consist of a townscape analysis of the conservation areas, looking at the influence of the historic built form, the local building pattern and traditions, streetscape and key views and vistas.

The special interest of the area derives from the historic concentration of the furniture trade within South Shoreditch and Hoxton from the mid-1850s to the mid-1950s.

The furniture trade has left but the area has inherited a distinctive range of building types, ranging from large showroom and warehouse buildings to small workshops, which have given South Shoreditch in particular a special character.

The flexibility of the furniture trade buildings and their adaptability for new uses, coupled with the attractive scale of the streets and spaces, has helped Shoreditch to become a lively mixed use area, encompassing a range of small businesses, art galleries and popular entertainment uses, such as restaurants and bars.

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