The Speaker

As the Council has a directly elected mayor with executive powers, the role of speaker fulfils many of the ceremonial and public duties traditionally associated with the mayor.

The Speaker of the Council is a serving councillor elected to the office for one year by fellow council members at their annual meeting.

They chair full council meetings, attend numerous events, welcome visitors to Hackney and preside over citizenship ceremonies.

Events and engagements

To find about the any forthcoming events that the Speaker of Hackney will be hosting, see the Speaker's events calendar or contact the Speaker's Office.

Invite the Speaker to an event

Whether you are a local community group, school or charity inviting the Speaker to your event will lend an air of dignity and ceremony. The Speaker will try hard to attend either in person or by sending the Deputy Speaker.

Events which the Speaker attends include presentations of certificates, including citizenship ceremonies, police passing-out parades, religious services, the annual Remembrance Sunday parade, building openings, fetes, concerts, sporting events and civic receptions among many others.

The Speaker also visits schools in the borough to talk about the work of the Council and civic responsibility, and conducts tours of the Council Chamber and the Speaker's Parlour for community groups.

Speaker -  Councillor Clare Potter

Speaker Cllr Clare Potter

Deputy Speaker -  Councillor Kam Adams

Deputy Speaker - Councillor Kam Adams

Nominated charities 2017-2018

Each year the Speaker selects charitable causes to support, both by fundraising and by attendance at events. This year the Speaker has chosen:

Hackney Quest

The Speaker has specifically chosen their mentoring project and Father2Father. They support and provide adolescent boys, fathers and their families with mentorship, information, advice and guidance that will enhance their personal, social and economic well-being. They engage with fathers and listen to their needs then provide support, training and awareness. 

Shoreditch Trust

The Speaker has specifically chosen their Blue Marble training programme for 16 to 25 year olds who are experiencing challenging circumstances in their lives.

Blue Marble welcomes young people who are not in employment, education or training, who might have had negative experiences of learning or training or who are struggling to find the right support. Our person-focused training scheme is tailored to the demands of each individual, providing them with the skills they need to progress into paid employment.

You Make It

An innovative small charity based in Hackney that supports women when job seeking and puts individuality and self esteem at its core. You Make It offers a creative and inspiring programme for young women.

They are given the tools to transform their lives through personal empowerment. their work falls within the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN to end poverty, promote good health and well being, provide life-long learning opportunities, and fight gender inequality. 


Donations to the Speaker's charities can also be sent to the Speaker's Office. Cheques should be made payable to the Speaker's charity. 

Young Speakers of Hackney 2019 - Beverley Tetteh and Abdullahi Yussuf

Young Speakers The 2 Young Speakers of Hackney are selected from Hackney Youth Parliament members. As well as being a voice for the parliament, the Speakers will be working towards improving the lives of young people in the borough, by championing the youth voice, attending Council meetings and working directly with the Mayor and Speaker.

If you'd like to become a Young Speaker of Hackney you will have the chance next year at the 2020 Youth Parliament election where you can declare your interest as a manifesto pledge. 

Hackney Town Hall tours

Guided tours of Hackney Town Hall take place regularly. Tours also take place as part of Open House London each year.

Up to 30 people can attend a tour, which also includes a visit to the Hackney Town Hall vaults, a historical display on civic life in the borough.

Book tour tickets

If you'd like to book a group tour, please contact us on the details on this page.

Children's tours

Specialist tours for primary school children are also available. They link in with the citizenship curriculum to help further children's understanding of democracy. To book a tour for your school please contact us at the details on this page. 

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