Lost and stray dogs and cats

We can help you retrieve a lost dog or report a stray one.

Report a stray dog


  • 020 8356 6688 (9am-5pm)
  • 020 8356 2500 (5pm-9am)

Report a stray, sick or injured cat

We work with Feline Friends London to look after and re-home sick, injured and stray cats found in Hackney. If you find a suspected stray, injured or abandoned cat, please contact our volunteer cat protection officer at admin@felinefriendslondon.uk or 07786 380572.

Find a missing pet

Call us to see if we have picked up your dog or cat.

If we don't have it, you should also contact the surrounding local authorities in case it has strayed into another borough:

  • Waltham Forest: 020 8496 3000
  • Islington: 020 7974 5976 (out of hours: 07825 098947)
  • Tower Hamlets: 020 7364 5008
  • Newham: 020 8586 9739

Is your pet microchipped?

If your pet is microchipped, alert PetLog of your missing pet on 0870 60 66 751. It may also be advisable to contact your vet.

To help prevent your pet becoming permanently lost we recommend that you get it microchipped. If your pet is already microchipped, please ensure your contact details on the microchip database are kept up to date (you can talk to your vet for more information about this).

What do we do with stray dogs?

We are required by law to pick up stray dogs reported to us. We will visit the location where the dog is seen and attempting to locate the owner by checking for dog tags and microchips.

If an owner is found, they will be contacted as soon as possible. If an owner cannot be found, the stray dogs will be kept in our kennels or rehomed. Suitable dogs not claimed within seven days will be transferred to an approved re-homing centre.

Cost to reclaim a stray dog

Dogs can be claimed by their owners but there is a release fee of £30 and a boarding fee of £15 per night.

Rehoming enquiries

For re-homing enquiries, please contact an approved re-homing centre.


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