Suspension application terms and conditions

Your continued use of the service means you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions. Please note that the Council may change these terms and will post changes on the suspensions page. While we will try and keep returning customers updated, from time to time you will need to review these terms to ensure you are aware of any changes.

​Apply for a suspension

1. Criteria for issuing a suspension

The Council grant parking suspension requests on the basis that the desired parking suspension does not compromise:

  • traffic flow, and / or
  • the balanced needs of our residents, businesses and visitors to the borough

We will need you to submit your application at least 7 working days prior to the suspension start date. Application forms must be received before 12 (noon) on the first day of this period. For longer term suspensions increased notice periods may be necessary (please email us to ask for details).

Suspensions may be withdrawn by the Council if payment has not been received before the scheduled start date, for misuse of the parking bays or for unacceptable behaviour towards our staff, contractors and members of the public.

Suspensions may be of any number of spaces as long as they are on the same road. Where parking suspensions are needed on more than one road, more than one suspension must be requested. The Council will only grant suspensions of up to 6 months in duration. 

Disabled bays and car club bays will only be suspended in exceptional circumstances. If you do need to suspend such a bay you will be required to suspend additional parking space/s into which the motorist/s, for whom these bays are designated, may park.

Please note that Hackney Council does not issue suspensions for red routes. To obtain information for parking waivers for red routes please contact Transport for London.

2. Domestic house removal 

Hackney Council offers discounted rates for domestic removals from residential properties. The Council will only charge the administration fee for the first day of the suspension in cases where 3 spaces or less are suspended.

3. Required documentation

You may be required to provide us with official documentation supporting the need to carry out works in the desired location eg: an invoice for the work being carried out.

4. Suspension fees and charges

To reduce impact on local users we encourage shorter stay suspensions. Our suspensions charges therefore vary according to the length of the suspension. Our charges are:

An administration fee of £75 is chargeable for each suspension (regardless of the duration and number of spaces required). In addition to this a charge of £25 per space, per day is charged. Where not individually marked out, a space is deemed to be a 5m section of parking bay.

5. Enforcement

Hackney Council will suspend the area requested, or equivalent nearby area and will notify our enforcement contractor.

We always try to put up advance warning notices 3 days before the start of the suspension, however we cannot guarantee that the area will be kept clear. If vehicles are parked in suspended bays, please contact the Suspension Team on 020 8356 8290 to request the removal of obstructing vehicles. Please note removals can only take place if reported between 8am and 4pm.

If you use unauthorised spaces you may be subject to enforcement. The Council may issue penalty charge notices (PCNs) and vehicles may be removed or relocated if you do not park within the bays suspended for your use. Hackney Council will pursue payment if your equipment or material is found to be occupying additional bays.

Any vehicles that are parked within a suspended bay must either be sign written with the applicant's logo or company name or sign showing your company logo must be placed in the windscreen. This will alert civil enforcement officers (often called parking wardens). Failure to do so may result in a PCN being issued and vehicle removal. Please note subcontractors are also expected to display this sign. We are unable to accept hand-written notes.

6. Cancellations and ending your suspensions early

If you need to cancel or end your suspension early the Council will be able to refund you the parking space charges for the period of the suspension you do not require if you can provide at least 3 days' notice of your intention to finish your suspension early.

7. Extending your suspensions

The Council may be able to extend your suspension. In order to do this your application and payment will need to be received three working days prior to the initial completion date. When suspensions are extended an administration charge of £75 will be applied.

8. Have your say: how do I give the Council feedback about suspensions?

We welcome comments and feedback about the suspensions service. In the first instance please call the parking suspensions team on 0208 356 8290. Otherwise please write to Hackney Council, Parking Suspensions, Keltan House, 89-115 Mare Street, London. E8 4RU or email

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