Wardens, police teams and neighbourhood watch

We are committed to making your community a safer place to live and work. We also do a lot of work to help with emergency planning.

Police safer neighbourhoods teams

Safer neighbourhood teams are dedicated to policing your community. They spend most of their time dealing with those crimes and issues that cause you most concern. Your team adjusts its shift pattern to address these priority issues. If you have concerns about day-to-day crime and disorder issues, or if you would like to get involved, Find and contact your local safer neighbourhoods team.

Community ward panels

Every ward across Hackney has its own community ward panel. Chaired by residents, the panel works with the local police and Hackney Council to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour. Find and contact your local community ward panel.

Community safety wardens

There are 14 community safety wardens patrolling the borough, 24 hours a day. The team wear high visibility uniforms and can help address issues affecting your community including crime and anti-social behaviour or environmental issues such as littering, urinating and dog fouling.

Wardens patrol the borough on foot, bike and at times use vehicles equipped with CCTV. The team target hotspots, sometimes working with the police and they patrol all parts of the borough including parks and estates.

Wardens have the power to issue fines for antisocial behaviour such as illegal street trading, urinating in the street, littering, noise, dog fouling and graffiti.

If you would like to contact your neighbourhood warden, or invite them to a community event or group meeting, call 020 8356 6867 or email: wardens@hackney.gov.uk.

Neighbourhood Watch

There are around 50 Neighbourhood Watch schemes in Hackney. They aim to encourage members of the local community to get to know and look out for each other, to help reduce crime. If you are interested in setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme in your area, you should contact your local safer neighbourhood team for advice.

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