Why foster for Hackney?

By fostering for Hackney, you'll be joining a team of dedicated professionals who are working together to make a real difference, and who believe passionately that children deserve to be able to live in a family setting. We will support you every step of the way, when and where you need it, even outside of 'normal' office hours.

You'll also be able to call on the support of a network of fellow foster carers, through support groups and social events, and enjoy the benefits of our very vigorous and active 'Hackney Foster Carer Council, whose members organise events and get together to offer advice and reassurance.

Training and support

Hackney offers some outstanding training opportunities. We are one of a handful of local authorities working with the Fostering Network on their innovative Head, Heart, Hands programme, which uses social pedagogy - a proven European approach to child care. It combines academic knowledge and an understanding of emotions with hands-on practical action, making the role of social workers and foster carers far less process-driven, helping the child to build positive relationships that lead to better outcomes and greater stability.

First year: core training programme

In your first year as a foster carer, you will attend our core training programme, and complete your training standards workbook, demonstrating that you understand your role as a foster carer with the evidence for the standards provided directly by your parenting of the child in your care.

Second and third year: specialised training

More specialised training will be agreed between yourself and your supporting social worker for your second and third year training courses.

Monthly clinical supervision groups and drop-in-sessions

Monthly clinical supervision groups led by family therapists and drop-in sessions with the nurse and education specialists, are also available - with our whole ethos being to provide you with all the help and knowledge you require to deliver the highest possible care.


Our allowances are amongst the most generous in London, not only because we want the best but also because we value the work foster carers do so highly.

Allowances are linked to your training and learning, so as you progress through levels 1 to 3 you will be rewarded as you develop your skills. Additional allowances are paid for holidays, birthdays and festive occasions and we can make a contribution toward setting up costs, such as essential equipment or furniture.

Talk to us to find out more - we fully appreciate that fostering may involve some difficult choices for you as family, so it is perfectly understandable you need to know how you will manage the family budget and associated costs and demands of being a foster carer.

Transferring from an another fostering agency

We are especially keen to meet with anyone who has previous experience of being a foster carer. If you currently foster, we can offer a 'fast track' assessment service to enable you to become a Hackney foster carer. 

Presently, we can guarantee the offer of a foster placement as soon as you are approved; we are particularly interested in foster carers who may be willing to offer long-term placements and/or placements for sibling groups.

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