Young Hackney

Young Hackney is our service for all young people aged 8-19, bringing together the skills and expertise of the youth service, youth support team and youth offending team. We aim to help all of Hackney's young people to enjoy their youth and become independent and successful adults. Our Young Hackney site has news, views and events for young people. Our small teams, called Young Hackney units:

  • run youth clubs, centres and projects
  • provide opportunities, support and guidance for young people
  • help young people get involved in their communities
  • work with young people who might get involved in antisocial behaviour or crime to prevent this
  • work with young people who have been arrested or convicted of a criminal offence to make sure they do not offend again
  • help with substance misuse, mental health issues and 
  • help young victims of crime

Youth clubs and projects

Young Hackney run five youth clubs in Hackney:

Each club has a team of workers who run youth activities, offer advice and guidance, and work with young people who need extra support. We also run several youth participation projects to help young people get more involved in their communities. See our 2016 summer activities guide [pdf, 2.09Mb]

Young Hackney centres

Thanks to myplace funding, the Council has invested £5m in five new youth centres, one in each of the borough's neighbourhoods, linked to a brand new iconic building at Forest Road. Each centre provides a full range of activities and support services:

  • youth activities such as sports, arts, multimedia and homework 
  • the chance to get involved in the community
  • accredited programmes such as Arts Awards or Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  • employment and training advice
  • extra support, when and where it's needed

and each has a nominated specialism, chosen by young people.

Each centre has a Young Hackney unit on site, who can advise on education, training and employment, and health and relationships matters. 

Other youth centres and projects in Hackney

You can find details of over two hundred non-council youth projects in Hackney at Young Hackney, or take a look at the Young Hackney interactive map.

Opportunities, support and advice for young people

We want all young people in Hackney to access positive opportunities. Ask staff at your local Young Hackney youth centre or call 020 8356 7404 to find out about other opportunities.

Apprenticeships, jobs and career advice

Youth participation

Contact us to get involved in any of these projects, or to find out more. 

Volunteering opportunities

Learn new skills to improve future job opportunities by Learn new skills to improve future job opportunities. The centres are safe and friendly places to go. They involve young people, parents and voluntary and community organisations in how they are run. 

Youth forums

The four area youth forums are for young people to meet and discuss local and youth issues. Anyone aged 11-19 can join their local forum as long as they can come to one meeting every week after school, college or work. There are good reasons to join your area youth forum:

  • develop new skills and gain qualifications
  • enjoy new experiences
  • improve your CV
  • make a difference to your community

Hackney Youth Parliament 

The Hackney Youth Parliament has 22 members who are elected every two years and represent the area they live in. The parliament:

  • is the voice of and represents the views of young people in Hackney
  • consults young people in Hackney on their views
  • is involved in decision-making with the Council and Councillors
  • has an impact and makes a positive change
  • keeps young people in Hackney informed on matters affecting them

Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund

The Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund lets young people apply for up to £5,000 to fund an event or project in their local area.

Children in Care Council

The Our Voice Our Choice (OVOC) Children in Care Council represents the views of children and young people in care. It's currently made up of eight young people, mainly care-leavers, and their role is to ensure the promises made within Hackney's 'Pledge to Looked-after Children' are kept. The Children in Care Council is responsible for working with the looked-after children's services, ensuring that all children and young people in care receive a quality service.

Joining the Children in Care Council

The Children in Care Council are always keen to recruit new members to ensure it is well represented. Joining the Children in Care Council will give you opportunity to develop your personal skills, gain accreditations and work as part of a team. If you're age 14 or over, and are in care or have recently left care, and would like to find out more about the Children in Care Council and how to join, please contact Michael Connors, the Participation Manager on 07772 227 319 or email

Youth provider networks

The four youth provider networks give organisations, projects and services in the borough the best chance to influence policy and decision-making regarding youth provision. 

Childcare or after school clubs in Hackney

Contact the Hackney Learning Trust family information service for more information.

More information and resources


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