Report graffiti

The Council is committed to reducing and removing undesirable graffiti.

Tell us about graffiti

Report it via mobile app

Use the  Love Clean Hackney app app to take a photo, select the location on a map and describe the problem. We will deal with your report and keep you updated on its progress.  

Report it on this website

Report graffiti using a form

Removing graffiti

  • we will remove all graffiti on Council owned property
  • we will remove all graffiti on any property that is deemed to be offensive
  • if your property has been graffitied, we may be able to clean it free of charge

Street art and murals

We recognise that some people consider that street art makes a positive contribution to the urban environment. If your property has a piece of street art or a mural on it, you must contact us to let us know that you would like to keep it.

We will remove street art or graffiti if we believe it spoils the local environment or will prevent people from enjoying the area. When deciding whether to allow it, we consider whether it is:

  • offensive, gang related, insulting or against public interest
  • likely to encourage more graffiti or tagging
  • inappropriate for the location or out of keeping with the surrounding area
  • a cause of complaints to the Council
  • on a listed building or in a conservation area
  • libellous or potentially libellous
  • intimidating

Read our full graffiti policy for more details:

If you are considering commissioning a new mural or a piece of street art on your property you must contact us to check that it will not breach our graffiti policy.

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