We administer a wide range of licenses to individuals and businesses, from trading and sale of alcohol to owning exotic pets.

Hackney's evening and night-time economy consultation

We want to hear your views on Hackney in the evening (6pm to midnight) and night-time (midnight to 6am). This would include socialising in pubs, bars and clubs, restaurants, music venues, theatres, cinemas etc.

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The consultation closes 17 July 2016

Alcohol, regulated entertainment and late night refreshment

Premises such as pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, takeaways and off-licences have to apply to the Council for a licence. 

Personal licence

A personal licence is granted to individuals and allows them to sell alcohol to the public. 

Premises licence

A premises licence allows premises to be used for one or more licensable activities.  

Club premises certificate

A club premises certificate will be granted to premises occupied by and used habitually for the purposes of a recognised club. 

Temporary event notices

Temporary event notices allow licensable activities to take place during a period of no more than 168 hours, where there are no more than 499 people present. 

Licensing policy

The licensing policy 2011 came into effect on 7 January 2011 and is reviewed at least once every three years, in line with statutory duties. The policy outlines our decision making principles for licensing applications.

Hard copies of the policy, application forms and consent forms are available on request.

Special policy areas

Current applications

Applications received under the Licensing Act 2003.

Highways licences

You will need a highways licence for scaffolding, hoarding, building materials, containers or temporary cross-overs.

Massage and special treatment (MST) licence

Skip licence

Apply for a skip licence.

Licence copies

Apply for a licence copy / duplicate

Change of details for a licensee of an existing licence 

Notify us of a change of licensee details

Our licensing policies

Licensing public register 

The licensing public register holds details of current liquor licences and skip licences issued by the Council. It also holds details of licence applications currently being processed.