Community safety and enforcement

The safety and welfare of our residents is a key concern for the Council, from social and personal safety to the wider issues affecting our environment. We use intelligence from residents, businesses, the police and other local partners to ensure that you, your family and property are kept as safe as possible. 

    Report an issue

    Report issues and help us keep Hackney safe:

    Approach to reducing violent crime

    Find out more about the Council's approach to reducing violent crime:

    Enforcement officers

    We have 28 uniformed officers who gather intelligence, issue fines and other formal notices to tackle issues like antisocial behaviour, noise, urination, fly-tipping, and graffiti. They work closely with partners to support businesses and ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

    Hate crime and harassment support 

    If you are affected by hate crime or harassment, don't suffer in silence. If you experience hate crime you can:

    A hate crime or incident is any behaviour motivated by hostility prejudice or hatred of:

    • disability (physical, hearing, visual impairments, mental health problems and learning disabilities)
    • gender identity (people who are transgender, transsexual or transvestite)
    • race (skin colour, nationality, ethnicity or heritage)
    • religion, faith or belief (this also includes people without a religious belief)
    • sexual orientation (people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or heterosexual)

    Moped and bicycle assisted theft

    Our CCTV operators work with the Metropolitan Police to deter theft by people on bikes and mopeds. The joint operations have resulted a number of arrests.

    To help keep yourself safe from thieves riding bikes or mopeds:

    • always be aware of your surroundings
    • go hands-free to make a call
    • be discreet when using your phone outdoors, or keep it out of sight
    • try not to text or use apps while walking along
    • be extra vigilant at the curb side, bus stops or outside train stations - the edge of the road is the thieves' favourite spot
    • stand away from the roadside, close to a building or wall and hold your phone in the hand closest to the wall so it's harder to grab
    • see the Metropolitan Police's tips on how to protect yourself from street robbery

    What we're doing to combat crime and antisocial behaviour

    Our community safety partnership plan 2016-18 [pdf, 655.76KB] outlines our priorities every year. 

    We work with other agencies as part of a community safety partnership to tackle issues that can cause harm to communities, including transport related incidents and other environmental factors that impact on public wellbeing.

    Our main strategic priorities are:

    • gang crime, youth crime and disorder, victimisation and engagement
    • alcohol related crime and disorder, licensing and safer socialising
    • antisocial behaviour - nuisance neighbours and domestic noise
    • burglary, pedal cycle theft and cycle safety
    • domestic abuse and violence against women and girls (VAWG)
    • substance misuse, treatment and drug dealing

    Read our community safety priorities [pdf, 386.96KB] to find out about the activities we are doing to tackle each priority. 

    Wick Woodland public space protection order

    Useful numbers

    • Victim Support - 0845 450 3936 (London helpline, Monday-Friday 8am-8pm) or 020 7268 0200 (national switchboard) 
    • Hackney violence and hate crime helpline - 0800 056 0905
    • 24-hour national domestic violence helpline - 0808 2000 24
    • Emergency services - 999 (in an emergency) or 101 (for non-emergencies)
    • Hackney Housing estate safety - 020 8356 1911
    • Action Fraud - 0300 123 2040 
    • Revenge porn helpline - 0845 6000 459

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